A Thief….To Whom We Disappointed!!

Yesterday……23 april 07

when i reached my room, on usual time 8pm i saw my room door’s lock is not there, its on floor and the part of lock is not there some nice person had cut it with saw.  at that moment only i got to know that something  bad happened to my room. i went inside holding that lock in hand and saw, both room’s bed and floor were full of laugage and cloths…….that nice persons has searched each and every pocket of cloths and suitcases………..then i quicklly started thinking that did  i had any valuable thing in my room but found nothing then i check my papers and certificates…….all were  there…………..nothing were missing……..

Then came out of room and called to my both room mates……….one came within 30 mins….he searched his valuable thing also all were there……..even credit cards:-)

After 2 hours we all three were there and thinking, nothing is gone,  guy or girl just broken the lock and checked for cash but that was not there………..he/she ll be so disappoined 😦

We had taken some videos and pic of first view of our rooms and guessed lots of things…….like that thief has taken all chocolets so may be thief is a girl……and not taken my sun galsses so may be he/she is not too young to wear sun glasses…………we tried to put FIR also but policeman said if nothing is gone then we can not put FIR.

We were thinking we are lucky……..because nothing is gone and we got an alarm to be alart:-p

But our land lord he is not helpfull….he came to know about this case at2pm and he didnt call us to inform us that this is happened. he disappointed us 😦


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