Heros of littles

dp-26.jpgIf ur age is around 25 year, then go back to ur childhood. Have u remember “NAGRAJ”, “SUPER COMMONDO DHRUV”, CHACHA CHAUDHARI”……….yes i am talking about comics. I said the about age bcz i dont knoe todays childs have any interest in comics or not, i guess not. But we had, we were creazy for these notebook size colerfull comics. I remember how i was reading comics generally inside the blanket or bedsheet where would be three only me my comics and a tourch.

There are (or i would say was) lots of variety in comics. In comics means in comics charactors. There were different publication also:

1. Raj Comics

2. Diamond Comics,

3. Few others

i liked only raj comics there were so many charactors like nagrag, dhruv, inspector steel, doga, tiranga, fighter todes, bankelal, and few more i forgot the name. all these heros had different super natural power, few were simple humans like dhruv, tiranga but they also knows all fighting style and dedicated for work. Ohh bankelal…how can u forgot him. He was the most helarious person. He can make u laugh and his “karnaame” were superb.

few days back i have seen raj comics website i was so happy after seeing that website these peoples still working on comics, but i am thinking does childs still likes these comics because now a days computer games and movies of super heros like spiderman and harry potterare more famous. But still these raj comics peoples going good job. I am appriciating thier works.

If u want to remember ur childhood heros, u can go through this website: www.rajcomics.com


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