I am the slave of machines

I had lots of machine, my all activities were automated. I could do anything with these machine, just i had to give orders and these intellegent programes were bound to do that. These machines were the systems, “Programes”, human made programes. Human created these system and he is the master of these systems. “MASTER OF MACHINES”. System which are perfectlly fine to process and complete any command. BUT after all its a system, “SYSTEM, WITH SMALL PIECES OF INTELLEGENCE BUNCHED TOGETHER TO COMPLETE A TASK”.

Last night I was so happy and thinking that these pieces of metals are best on earth, i was just sitting on my chair and giving orders. Life was felt so easy and full of happyness. I was with my wife.

Human mind is most powerfull thing in this world, Minds creates machines which can do many work and reduce human afforts. Till reducing the human efforts is not a bad idea but when minds become dependent on machines. if any one piece of these intelegence fails then how other intellegence pieces will react………i am in doubt.

Yesterday night, one of my machine, my perfect and best machine, was helping me in my wife’s operation it was a minor operation at the end something happen i couldnt understand and this machine took a life their. Whole night i was yelling to myself “NO!!!! NO MACHINES!!!! I DONT WANT ANY MACHINES!!!!! I COULD DO IT MYSELF.

I am a human I would be the master of universe but it seems i am not because almost my all activites machines doing, i am not.  I know it but still If machines woulnt be here then i can not do these works. I AM DEPENDENT. I am needy. I am slave. “SLAVE OF MACHINES”.

Today, I destroyed my all machines. Again i and 200 year back i am doing all my work myself, i am not dependent on anyone. I am the human i am the master of universe.


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