Reminisce – My Villege (Ataria)

Name is “ATARIA”. This word i used in so many passwords. When i was in lucknow every month i used to go to my village, i have a big family there, so many fields(khet), aam ke baag, small river(naam hai kharja), aur bahut kuch.

Whenever i felt to have same rest or changing my evviroment i went there, stayed for few days then again back with energy. We have a aam ka baag, there are around 60 mango trees and few some other fruits trees. One side of my baag is my village and opposite side is another baag (not ours), in third direction is railway line and opposite of this side is another baag. Whenever i go in summer i use to carry a bed(charpai), to my baag and sleep there in afternoon. Whenever i sleep there and woke up i found my self in different world, cool fresh air, shadow of mango trees, smell of mangoes, sound of train running far, and sound of wind trying to sweep tree leafs, if i see to my village side peoples doing work and some where in villege someone playing songs, this combination is unique for me anywhere in this work i can not have that feeling.

There is a very old temple also, on a corner of baag, i don’t remember who is the god of temple, its small but some gods are there in form of stones. No one has cleaned that place from long time so there are huge layers of dust.

when i was around 10, me any my cosines use to play a game on trees. Name of the game is SIYAR CHATKANA, the rules are, one guy have to go down the tree and rest will be up on tree on different branches, there will a stick with the down guy, he has to kiss the stick, put it down, touch a guy and again comeback to kiss the same stick. If after touching any guy some other guy went and kissed the stick then first guy will repeat the same, go down kiss stick and again try to touch someone and kiss stick. once he kiss-touch-kiss complete the guy touched will do same thing. Main adventure is, you have to run on tree only, that guy try to touch u and u have to keep going away somewhere on tree only. You have to see which branch is weaker or stronger and decide to go there or not. whenever i go to my villageĀ  i see to kids to play same game and remember my days.

If u walk beside the railway track left side aroung 2 km u will get railway station. That a old railway station. u can get tea and samosa only. I love that samosa, in childhood every time i was begged to my mom or dad to have that, and still i use to have. In from of station there a pool and a baag beside the pool. whenever i go there i use to sit on a bench of station and see that pool with full of water and baag, so calm place that is. Whenever i go there i feel a peace of mind.

And if u walk right beside the track aroung 1.5km u ll get small river crossing railway track, peoples calls it kharjha. its small around 20 feet width and full of water. In winters morning and evening i liked to sit on railway track brigde on kharjha and see the fog flowing on water or water flowing under the fog. both side is water and fog and i am sitting on it, great. In summer eveing u used to come there for bath. And if u still walk further beside track the 1 km u ll get a big pool of water. Thats biggest pool we have near villege, we use to call it arjun taal(taal means pool in our language). The beauty is in rainy day if u sit on track and see pool u ll see huge water and greenry.

Here in bangalore we use to go for outing to see natural places, but still i m missing my villege.


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