The Kite Runner(Novel), by Khalid Hossini

I read this novel around 1 year back, but still that fantastic story’s smell i have in my mind. Just to time pass i picked it up and started. I never expected from my self that i could finish a novel, i believed i dont have patience to read that huge number of pages. But when i started this i didnt know, how i was reading with out caring how much i read. Anyway now i would say reading book is a good thing.

Synopsis : I dont remember exactlly what was the time of story or when it started i guess 1800 around. A boy named amir lives in afganistan with his father. They have a servert and servent’s son (Hasan). Amir’s father is very strict, he care a lot about his reputation and name in that city. Amir like to play with Hasan and specially flying kite. Hasan use to run behind the kites, when its thread got cut, and catch it for amir. he is the best runner among the all boys, so the story name is “THE KITE RUNNER”. But main charecter of story is amir not kite runner. Sometime amir feels that his father cares a lot to servent’s son and why he was not able to understand. One day something very unusual happen to hasan, and amir found himself the reason of that event, he felt guilty. Then afganistan war started and amir with his father moved to america. after long time , now amir finished his studies and well mature to understand all truth about his father’s life. Then he decided to go to afganistan to get his childhood friend (hasan). Then how he searched his friend and how he suffered in worst situation of his life.

This was my first novel i finished (read not wrote). Before this i started reading “GOD FATHER” but couldnt finished, reason i dont know. Anyway its been nice to read very strongly narrated and well described story. I liked amir’s second life i mean after he moved to america. How he understood all truth and accepted, that was a very brave step. He faced lots of problems to find hasan but he never been disappointed or felt defeated. Somewhere i like amir’s father also, he was a man of words. He knew whatever he was doing wrong but because of his reputation he was not able to do right thing also. And last few lines can put a smile on ur face i am damn sure about it. And that smile will be long lasting.


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