The Memory keeper’s daughter(Novel)…by Kim Edward

That a novel i choosen myself and read, i found it in famuos books section crossword, mgroad, bangalore. I would say its a strong and addictive novel which talks about different emotions, stages of lifes, decisions of life and achivment of life.

Story summery: A doctor who’s wife going to deliver first baby, given birth to a boy and a girl. Boy is perfectlly fine but girl is with down syndrome. Doctor’s sister also had same problem and he is a doctor also so he knew very well what ll be the life of his daughter. Her life ll not be more then 10-12 years.  So he decided to give away his daughter to a place where such kind of patient lives without informing his wife. He gave this task to a nurse. Later he told to his wife that thier daughter was dead born. But nurse could not finished task and she taken her to a new place, far away from doctor’s city and life. Girls name is poebe and boys name is paul. The nurse taken poebe was in love with doctor but never told. Now both kids growing in diferent places. in different circumstances. Nurse is facing so many problems because of down-syndrome, but she had faith that poebe ll live longer. Now stories goes and create different situations how nurse and doctors meets somewhere, because of daughter’s death how doctor’s wife living, and in between all these thing hows paul’s life is going. And ends when paul and poebe meets.

The best thing about this book is its very close to reality and emotion described about each character is so stron that you can feel them.


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