A thousand splendid suns (Novel) by khalid hossini

It’s second novel, i have read of same author. Its Khalid hossini’s writing skills that impressed me a lot in ‘The Kite Runner’ i, without a doubt choose this book.Its a story of a girl (maryam), whose father didn’t married her mother but loved them so much. It tells about life in Afghanistan, struggle of a girl, different shades of a afghan woman’s life. I really liked the relationship between this girl and her father.

With each chapter, we see Maryam and Laila (maryam’s husband’s first wife) adapting in response to the events both in their personal lives as well as the society surrounding them.Their worlds suddenly collide at a time when happiness seems a bleak, distant hope for each and yet, is the only road to personal freedom. Under the reigns of the selfish Rasheed (maryam’s husband), the enemy who sees himself as a God-sent savior, these women endure extreme psychological trauma on a day-to-day basis. I was fighting back tears just imagining that this story was only a snippet of the daily lives of Afghani women, let alone women across the world. Certainly the root cause of his great success, Hosseini’s words strike home once again. We see this in the simple motherly advice given to Maryam by her mother. Nana(maryam’s father): Like a compass needle that points north, a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman. Always. ; a simple analogy that screams out the plague that is gender inequality.

Although I must admit, the story left me deeply saddened and discomforted, I’d definitely label it a must-read. Several scenes in the book may seem too heavy to digest, but they are certainly essential to the development of its characters and plot. This roller-coaster ride of lies, trauma, endurance, oppression, love in all its forms, willpower and political turmoil is truly indicative of Khalid Hosseini’s immense talent as a writer. A Thousand Splendid Suns is simply splendid.


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  1. I have currently read this story and have found it slendid too.However, i don’t share with you the affectiction towareds Mariam’s father .He’s hypocrite with his daughter and coward with her mom .He didn’t worth respect neither affection

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