The Last Barbaar (History — India’s Partition)

Its a Lord mountbatten, his wife Edwina batten and his whole team’s point of view about india’s partition. Actually its a dramatic view of all events and scens. In each scens charaters talking, discussing about various activities happending outside and giveing thier opinions. Lord mountbatten having meetings and discussions with nehru, jinnah, patel and other indian leaders in cluding mahatma gandhi and when they walk out he tell to his assistence whats the conclusion of meeting. So like this evrything been narrated and presented.

 I think in this book writer took nehru’s side and showen that jinnah is stubborn person with his division thought and to prove himself correct he gives verious conditions that possibly happen if division doent happen. And some how i felt that jinnah was not self driven, he was acting accordinly whatever his political party expecting and forcing on him. Initially he try to be smart by saying some big statement to Lord mountbatten and at last he said he is not saying these words its his party’s words. So content is generic and sometimes it felt so unbilivebale that partitioned happed like this. Ofcouse people refered riots happening in panjab, bangal, delhi and lahor, so story become very adventurous someplaces. There are some facts which were unknown to me, like that time few people were saying bangal, panjab, pakistan should be different countries and at last mahatma gandhi and patel came and suggested to make it in 2 pieces.

Anyway, anyone who interested to know what happened at the time of india’s partition and how Lord mountbatten did his job. And one more thing this book also given few details of nehru and Edwina’s (Lord mountbatten’s wife) frank friendship 🙂


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