Unaccustomed Earth, by Jhumpa Lahiri

I took too much time to read this book. I like 2nd half in compare of 1st half. Again i got to know about some unknown emotions, culture and thoughts and that’s why i like to read the book.

It’s Jhumpa Lahiri’s third book, after the success of The Interpreter of Maladies and The Namesake. Lahiri’s hallmarks are an extraordinarily sensitive understanding of the mutability of human relationships and the skilled detailing of these emotions, to say nothing of the rare but poignant humour. A novella broken up into three stories – turns out to be a superbly crafted tale that spills way beyond the standard framework. This too – about two immigrant Bengali families in Cambridge, one staying with the other as a stop-gap arrangement – seems to follow the familiar trajectory for a while. Apparent camaraderie hides an undercurrent of jealousy between the two women, and the first stirrings of sexual attraction the teenage Hema feels for Kaushik

Lahiri has taken material that is familiar, melodramatic even, yet managed to touch the heights of literary achievement by telling the story on a broad canvas. The incipient violence and disaster that creep into the lives of Hema and Kaushik when, as children, they discuss hostages held in 1970s Iran, return to haunt and, eventually, to devastate them.

Yesterday when i was about to finished this book, i was getting a call on my cell, i just picked up the call and said i m busy in something very important work can i give u call back after 10 min. Their were 3 pages left i finished book then spend almost 30 mins thinking about climax then called back that person.


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