Mind, Oh mind, my mind.
Why you are not in my control. You are mine but why am not your’s.
Just shut up and listen to me, I am your master and now you have to obey me.
Please don’t tell me, what i don’t want. Be in my control and don’t act smart.
When you had pain, i given you the cure, now i am in pain, say to me ‘relax’.
This time i want to throw you out, but its bad i can’t do that.
Can i replace you with a gud one, as am pissed off.
we were friends but you cheated me too silently.
please go away to never show up.
time ago i was small and you were good, but now its heart which better then you.
‘i am free to do anything’ what the hell you said to me.
baby come to me, i ‘ll kick you ur butt, ‘ll teach you a lesson you never forgot.
Please be like as you were earlier, we are the best buddies as ppl said.
It was you who gave me the thoughts, i trusted you but now it’s past.
I am leaving as i found, don’t come to me as i already discarded my mind.


  1. Yehi to chatanya hai ..iske liye to bada tap karna padega malik !!! Its long debate …dnt wanna start it here !!!

    but i like the way u put the philosophy in few lines !!!


  2. Really Nice thought….

    But that also came from ur mind…not from some where else…so that means ur mind is supporting u 🙂

  3. Dont blame to your mind, its you who made him to behave like this. If from the begining u have controlled him ,definately u will not be in this position.

    anyway its not late……take your control in your hand , only thing you have to do it ….control you hurt feeling too….u will see the result ,everything on place workign fine as it is like before……..good luck

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