Bothering pulses of mind

What a blind man thinks everyday, “If i would have had eyes i could also see thing these people talking about”. A one leg guy usually think, “If I would have had two legs i did walk always faster than anyone else”.

Some time i realize, last time when i got minor injury in my hand, how I eaten my food with one hand, how I read news paper. It was a temporary situation but I was so helpless, always looked for someone to help. That time I thought once i recovered from all these i will eat food most decent way, i will news paper in that way that there will not be any rankle and in no time i will turn page.

All these thing makes only one point, untill we don’t have something we say and think, if i would have have this thing i could have done this or that. Why don’t we use things with 100% utilization. If we have 10 fingers, why we can’t type faster than anyone. Imagine if a person lost his one hand in some accident, is it necessary that he ll type 50% lesser speed then you. No it’s not necessary, may be he can type 2 time faster than us or 3 times faster than us. If we have eyes why we can hit a target 10 meters far from us, may be a one eye person can hit it easily but we cant. Why? If  i am a Software Engg, i usually think its boring job, army job is so good, why i came here? why i decided to be SE?

These are most usual questions comes in everyone’s mind. But why these questions comes. Peoples says because its human nature, a human can never be satisfied. If its nature then why it’s like this, why human it’s not changing. Same people says nature or habits always change. carelessness made us so unaware of so many things. There is no end of such kind of thoughts.


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