The Story of my Assassins

I always reading book of experienced writers and those describes life of too many people not only centered characters of story. Tarun tejpal is one of them. I took almost one year to complete this book, reason is i paused reading for few month in last one month because my free time was consumed by some other activities. But since last one month, i am back on my regular relationship with books.
              Anyway book gave me a view and feel about society, where treating people like animal is part of business, where opting for extra marital affaires is normal as choosing tea or cold drinks, where people are ready to live on edge, people with great minds makes big bangs on masses. And apart from this book also told me lives about poorest people on this earth, those live would have been unknown to me as always if i would have missed this book.
 Like the journalist that he is, the message he wants to get through to you, needs to be read between the lines.

              On face value, his writing may hurt your sentiments and sting a bit but when you think about what he has written, you come to the sudden realisation that there is something to be learnt in here. At times, it does become a drag to read out the descriptions, but all in all, it keeps you going as there is this feeling to know more about the ‘assassins’ gnawing in your stomach. Tejpal ends the book with precision and beauty that a very few authors are able to accomplish.The book begins with a stray three-legged dog, that everybody in Tejpal’s society, tends to kick around when it comes in the way. The book ends with the same three legged dog. That stray mongrel who was being kicked around a few years ago, as it turns out, will one day end up saving his life and enable him to recite ‘The Story of his Assassins’.This book is a must read for the sake of the Indian in you.


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