I wanted to do an experiment with google voice input, and TTS services of android, so i started working on this APP. Right now I am using multiple REST APIs  for this. features are as,Screenshot_20160127-122254

  1. It support few mode right now, on app launch say the mode name. Say ‘Exit’ to exit mode,
  2. Internet mode – say the keyword you want to look for on internet. For example, say ‘World war 1’ it will get few important information for world war 1 and  TTS will utter response,
  3. Weather mode – say Place name and it will get all current weather related information. For example, say ‘Lucknow’ you will get Lucknow’s current temp, pressure, sunrise, sunset and sky information.
  4. Phone mode – This mode it to control phone, also to get info about phone for example, say ‘bluetooth on’ on your phone bluetooth will be enabled.
  5. Say stop to stop or kill application.
  6. [WIP] News Mode – Latest NEWS about given keyword will be spoken by TTS,
  7. [WIP] Tell me a joke – A rendom joke will be spoken by TTS
  8. [WIP] Reminder mode – user will provide time-date and data to remind. Yellow mark will remind on given time.

This is initial prototype of using REST API on android platform, Right now it support almost 25 command, I will keep adding multiple features. Let me know if you have any feature to add in this APP.



  1. Hope…these functionalities will work as these are defined cause it sounds awesom when we are with our busy hands…:)

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