Universal Reminder App

Universal Reminder

1) SELF CREATION: App will read mobile’s sms and create reminder automatically, for ex, credit card due date message, will be converted in reminder,
2) CREATE VIA SMS/MAIL: Reminder can be set via sms, i can send sms to my father to set a reminder in his mobile to take medicine,
3) SHARE REMINDER: A user can change the owner ship of reminder, for ex, i have reminder to book train ticket, i can send this reminder to my friend to book my ticket along with him,
4) MANUAL CREATION: A reminder can be created manually in app,
5) CLOUD SUPPORT:Reminder will be synced with cloud, so will never be lost. Cloud will be supported via web portal.
6) 4 WAY REMINDER:App will remind user via sms, mobile alarm, mail or phone call,
7) REMINDER WITH IMAGE: Reminder can have a image also, like doctor’s prescription so in next meeting with doctor, app will tell me what doctor gave me last time,
8) REMINDER WITH ACTION HINT: App not only remind you to book for text also tell you available option to book a taxi,
9) LOCATION REMINDER: [This is WIP idea]This is intelligent reminder, for ex, while you are driving, will remind you about near by petrol pump
10) Voice Support: App can be controlled via voice commands and also will respond in voice. For ex, command ‘set reminder for movie tomorrow 8PM’ will set a reminder, and respond you in voice once done


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