Last Novel by Roberto Bolaño – 2666

I was starving, desperately wanted to read something bad, really bad, bold, dirty, heinous crime stories. Then came 2666. and it really been up to the mark. A 900 page book with too-too many characters and vast plot….a must to read book for book lovers.

I am not going to write about story plot or characters details as you can easily find all about such things on internet. But would like to store my insides with this book here. A person so self-centered, so mean, and so discarded, that he become superstar, how? That could be a life. In many movies and books it can be found that a poor, good for nothing person, would be rising and rising in our world, by how its possible. However 2666 is able to justify this. Crimes, criminals, some times, seems to be very attractive because many times whatever we plan or want to do but could not do, will be done by these criminals. Source of every human act is a emotion, so for criminal acts. We try to hide such emotions, depress them and when we fail to do this, we become criminals. 2666 talks about such emotions.

Life, just life air, we don’t see or we don’t care to see but exist. And many time become so confusing that we start denying its existence.

I really been spending 2-3 hours daily with 2666 and those were happy hours for me.


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