Update 9-Mar-2017:

  • Neebo is linked to twitter so whenever its comeup, which happen at RPI boot time, will tweet it’s IP address.
  • And its also linked to youtube, if i tweet “yt:pina collada” neebo will read this, search  it on youtube and play via opening browser.
  • I am still looking what exactly neebo should do, i dont want to do any silly thing like, googling something on net.

Bottom Line: Even i am in office or anywhere else with a tweet i can play any song on my speaker placed in my home. 


Writing a program to produce an output on a given input is not AI. AI means, program should learn itself then produce an output. AI is performing activities without relying on pre-defined behavioral algorithms.

It will be a AI feature, If neebo suggest me something,

  1. without asking,
  2. which is of my interest,
  3. which i never told him to do,


  1. Remind me of my kid’s vaccination,
  2. Calculate that its been 3 day i have not called my mother and remind me to call,
  3. Suggest me to plan for vacation for best place according to weather and coming long holiday
  4. New movie release of my fev actors,
  5. Tell me about day if its any important day,
  6. Remind me to pay utilities bills,
  7. respond to my query, like “who is Tom Hank”
  8. Keep looking for my keyword of topic based NEWS and tell me whenever any new result found or i ask,
  9. Collect information of subject i provide and tell me back whenever collected or i ask for,
  10. Remind me about my planned trips, train/flight/Drive
  11. Suggest me any event happening nearby with details,
  12. Get to know my financial goals and suggest me better options,


  1. Can respond in audio,
  2. Can read tweets and respond accordingly, right now for tweet “cmd:climate” it will fetch Noida’s temperature  and repond in voice.


  1. There could be many commands, for each command writing response will not be optimized programming, i need a external API which will respond for such commands.
  2. Integrate Facebook and emails,
  3. Develop & integrate voice inputs
  4. face recognition,

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