The world is full of wonderful things and has very strong power to attract us. It is nature of these these things to attract others, in other words, these meant to attract. Someone, somewhere, sometime created and still creating these things so wisely that world has to attract to their creations, and eventually world spends time on such things without realizing that if that time one person utilize to work on his/her passion, in sometime something wonderful may come out of it. These wonderful things can be called distraction.

Lets list down such distractions,

  1. TV,
  2. Books,
  3. Music,
  4. May be, Family,
  5. May be, Office

Is not possible to remove all these things from life, but as all these things gets a fixed time, so distraction-less time period can be created. Lets choose a time-slot, which will not have any distraction and would be used to create distraction for The World.

New Learning

What to learn new, how to learn. I desperately need to get a new skill. It could be anything like, cooking, playing musical instrument, learning new language or anything else. I am talking about skills not hobby. Cycling, traveling are hobbies i would not learn anything achievable out of hobbies.

Have few things in mind, like

  • hardware programming via micro controllers,
  • learn to play keyboard,

Its been 12 years working like this, its not like that i haven’t tried to do something else but i haven’t left my profession to start something new. I should plan and do this.

Bothering pulses of mind

What a blind man thinks everyday, “If i would have had eyes i could also see thing these people talking about”. A one leg guy usually think, “If I would have had two legs i did walk always faster than anyone else”.

Some time i realize, last time when i got minor injury in my hand, how I eaten my food with one hand, how I read news paper. It was a temporary situation but I was so helpless, always looked for someone to help. That time I thought once i recovered from all these i will eat food most decent way, i will news paper in that way that there will not be any rankle and in no time i will turn page.

All these thing makes only one point, untill we don’t have something we say and think, if i would have have this thing i could have done this or that. Why don’t we use things with 100% utilization. If we have 10 fingers, why we can’t type faster than anyone. Imagine if a person lost his one hand in some accident, is it necessary that he ll type 50% lesser speed then you. No it’s not necessary, may be he can type 2 time faster than us or 3 times faster than us. If we have eyes why we can hit a target 10 meters far from us, may be a one eye person can hit it easily but we cant. Why? If  i am a Software Engg, i usually think its boring job, army job is so good, why i came here? why i decided to be SE?

These are most usual questions comes in everyone’s mind. But why these questions comes. Peoples says because its human nature, a human can never be satisfied. If its nature then why it’s like this, why human it’s not changing. Same people says nature or habits always change. carelessness made us so unaware of so many things. There is no end of such kind of thoughts.

Why he is An average?

An average child, average in sports average in studies. Grown up with same lyrics, everything starts with average. Average scholar, average son, average brother, average employee and average husband. All these average makes an average common person. This average common man thought so many things as a student, as a son, as a brother, as a husband as, as an employee, and without achieving those moved on. Why? Because his famille’s average social life is more importent than his extraordinary thoughts, and dreams. He could have been a some one else but his family will be in same condition as its today or not no one knows and his family never wanted to take this risk. He could have studied further and achieved something un-average but his family never wanted this, whatever was expected he did. If this common man wanted to do anything extraordinary thing he had so many thing to consider that’s why he is still an average common person.

That last moment….

Vo dono ek restraint main the, ladke ne coffee order ki thi. Vo dono ek he direction main baithe hue the…..ladka chup tha….ladki ne kaha ki papa ne poocha hai ki agar shaadi karni ho to abhi bata dein, ladke ne kuch bhi react nahi kiya chup raha, phir se ladki ne kaha….chalo chodo iss baat ko main aisa koi bhi sawal nahi karuingi jiska jawab dene main tumhe pareshaani ho apne office ke bare main batao kuch.

Ladka ne uske chehre ki taraf dekha to laga ki vo ladke ko kitna pyar karti hai, vo muskura rahi thi,  ladke ne kaha main tumhe aaj se nahi tab se jaanta huin jab se shayad main khud ko bhi nahi jaanta huin, agar main ne iss waqt tumhare sawal ka javab nahi diya to tum ghar ja kar kini der tak roti rahogi main jaanta huin. Phir ladke ne kaha, …..ek sapna hai mera aur us sapne main tum ho aur tum bahut khus ho vahain, mera vo sapna poora ho ya na ho lakin main tumhe uss sapne wali ladki ki tarah hamesha khush dekhna chahata huin.

Ladki ne  uski aankoin main dekha usne deere se sir heelaya aur uske haath per apna haath rakh diya. coffee aa gayi thi lakin dono main se koi bhi peena nai chahata tha. Phir ladke ne kaha apne papa se kahna ki main majbooor hai jahain ke rivajo se, parivaar ki zimmedario. Phir ladke ne uska haath apne haath main liya aur kaha agar main apne dil ka kahna manu too aaj he tumse shaadi kar luinga lakin isse kai logo ko takleef hogi kai log mujh se naraz ho jayenge….vaise mujhe parvah nahi hai unlogo ki lakin meri vajah se mere family ko takleaf hogi aur main itna bhi khudgarz bhi nahi ki apne liye apne family walo ko dukhi karuin. Ladki apna ek haath apne ek gaal se laga kar statue bankar ladke ko dekh rahi thi……ladka bahut si baatain karta gaya usse vo bas uski taraf dekhti hui sab baatain sunti gayi aur ek khamoshi bhari hain karti rahi….

jaate waqt ladki ne  sirf itna kaha ki mujhe pata hai ki jo tum karne ja raho ho vahi hamare liye sahi hai isse hamain dukh to hoga lakin hamari wajah se kisi aur ko duch nahi hoga. Aur apne parse se kuch nikaal kar ladke ki taraf badaya aur kaha ye lo jo tumne magaya tha main le ayi huin……..vo chali gayi ladka kafi deer tak vahin baitha raha aur uska photo, jo usne jaane se pahle diya tha, usee dekhta raha aur sochta raha kya main itna khush naseeb dobara ho pauinga jo phir koi aisi ladki mil jaya aur uski aankhoin main ayi aansu ki kuch boonde kah rahi thi nahi aisa kabhi nahi hoga…….kabhi nahi hoga.

Heros of littles

dp-26.jpgIf ur age is around 25 year, then go back to ur childhood. Have u remember “NAGRAJ”, “SUPER COMMONDO DHRUV”, CHACHA CHAUDHARI”……….yes i am talking about comics. I said the about age bcz i dont knoe todays childs have any interest in comics or not, i guess not. But we had, we were creazy for these notebook size colerfull comics. I remember how i was reading comics generally inside the blanket or bedsheet where would be three only me my comics and a tourch.

There are (or i would say was) lots of variety in comics. In comics means in comics charactors. There were different publication also:

1. Raj Comics

2. Diamond Comics,

3. Few others

i liked only raj comics there were so many charactors like nagrag, dhruv, inspector steel, doga, tiranga, fighter todes, bankelal, and few more i forgot the name. all these heros had different super natural power, few were simple humans like dhruv, tiranga but they also knows all fighting style and dedicated for work. Ohh bankelal…how can u forgot him. He was the most helarious person. He can make u laugh and his “karnaame” were superb.

few days back i have seen raj comics website i was so happy after seeing that website these peoples still working on comics, but i am thinking does childs still likes these comics because now a days computer games and movies of super heros like spiderman and harry potterare more famous. But still these raj comics peoples going good job. I am appriciating thier works.

If u want to remember ur childhood heros, u can go through this website: www.rajcomics.com

Money Matters

money is so powerfull, money can buy education, knowledge, intellegence. Poor person can also buy all same thing but difference is :-

“Rich persons using money to buy more money, but poor persons using money to buy education, house, car and other things.”

So stop saying why me?? just think to resolve the situation and to be on better position. If u r rich person then no problem u r rich, if u r poor then think how can u buy more money.

Happy Money Earning…….