Last Novel by Roberto Bolaño – 2666

I was starving, desperately wanted to read something bad, really bad, bold, dirty, heinous crime stories. Then came 2666. and it really been up to the mark. A 900 page book with too-too many characters and vast plot….a must to read book for book lovers.

I am not going to write about story plot or characters details as you can easily find all about such things on internet. But would like to store my insides with this book here. A person so self-centered, so mean, and so discarded, that he become superstar, how? That could be a life. In many movies and books it can be found that a poor, good for nothing person, would be rising and rising in our world, by how its possible. However 2666 is able to justify this. Crimes, criminals, some times, seems to be very attractive because many times whatever we plan or want to do but could not do, will be done by these criminals. Source of every human act is a emotion, so for criminal acts. We try to hide such emotions, depress them and when we fail to do this, we become criminals. 2666 talks about such emotions.

Life, just life air, we don’t see or we don’t care to see but exist. And many time become so confusing that we start denying its existence.

I really been spending 2-3 hours daily with 2666 and those were happy hours for me.

The Story of my Assassins

I always reading book of experienced writers and those describes life of too many people not only centered characters of story. Tarun tejpal is one of them. I took almost one year to complete this book, reason is i paused reading for few month in last one month because my free time was consumed by some other activities. But since last one month, i am back on my regular relationship with books.
              Anyway book gave me a view and feel about society, where treating people like animal is part of business, where opting for extra marital affaires is normal as choosing tea or cold drinks, where people are ready to live on edge, people with great minds makes big bangs on masses. And apart from this book also told me lives about poorest people on this earth, those live would have been unknown to me as always if i would have missed this book.
 Like the journalist that he is, the message he wants to get through to you, needs to be read between the lines.

              On face value, his writing may hurt your sentiments and sting a bit but when you think about what he has written, you come to the sudden realisation that there is something to be learnt in here. At times, it does become a drag to read out the descriptions, but all in all, it keeps you going as there is this feeling to know more about the ‘assassins’ gnawing in your stomach. Tejpal ends the book with precision and beauty that a very few authors are able to accomplish.The book begins with a stray three-legged dog, that everybody in Tejpal’s society, tends to kick around when it comes in the way. The book ends with the same three legged dog. That stray mongrel who was being kicked around a few years ago, as it turns out, will one day end up saving his life and enable him to recite ‘The Story of his Assassins’.This book is a must read for the sake of the Indian in you.

The Alchemy of Desire – Tarun J Tejpal

“Love is not the greatest glue between two people, Sex is.”

Every line is so brilliantly written that it could be read twice and ruminated later on. The author Tarun J Tejpal, editor of Tehelka, a national newspaper has delivered an inventive genius. Story holden me so strong that i never realized how much time i am giving to this book. Beautifully written, compelling, lyrical. Fascinating characters and superb evocation of India and its people. A truly common man’s story narrated by normal person. All ups n down of life, happiness, irritation, anger, sweetness. There are two characters mainly, one is Fizz, who is sensible, caring, understanding and adorable character and her nameless hubby a writer, reader, moody, caring and a situation driven man.

Story is all about a couple who loved then married, moved from one city to another, fulfilled few dreams then something happened with them and story took a drastic turn.  In turn-of-the-millennium India, a penniless would-be writer halts work on his novel only to feed his ceaseless desire for his beautiful wife. Then a chance occurrence moves the lovers to a sprawling old house in a mist-shrouded spur of the lower Himalayas, where a set of diaries written by a glamorous American adventuress is uncovered during renovations. Her words irresistibly draw the writer away from his beloved, thrusting him through the hole of history into another world and time, revealing dark secrets and overturning all certainties.

The novel’s strong point is definitely the first half, dotted with splendid portions including certain conversations between the narrator and Fizz, some with the servant of the acquired house over chai and the descriptions of certain other minimal characters. The disentanglement of the marriage of the narrator and his wife, their sexual escapades and insecurities culminating into their understandings is remarkably well done. The second half picks up and unusually merges with the pace of the first half, much like a progression of sorts.

Whatever. The main character was a jerk, so obsessed with the past that he ruined the most meaningful relationship of his life. I hated him. I liked the details of the book, though, and it was beautifully written.Inventive, playful, heartbreaking, brimming with ideas and memorable characters, The Alchemy of Desire is a major literary work by one of the most significant new voices of a generation.

“Sex is not the greatest glue between two people, Love is.”

Unaccustomed Earth, by Jhumpa Lahiri

I took too much time to read this book. I like 2nd half in compare of 1st half. Again i got to know about some unknown emotions, culture and thoughts and that’s why i like to read the book.

It’s Jhumpa Lahiri’s third book, after the success of The Interpreter of Maladies and The Namesake. Lahiri’s hallmarks are an extraordinarily sensitive understanding of the mutability of human relationships and the skilled detailing of these emotions, to say nothing of the rare but poignant humour. A novella broken up into three stories – turns out to be a superbly crafted tale that spills way beyond the standard framework. This too – about two immigrant Bengali families in Cambridge, one staying with the other as a stop-gap arrangement – seems to follow the familiar trajectory for a while. Apparent camaraderie hides an undercurrent of jealousy between the two women, and the first stirrings of sexual attraction the teenage Hema feels for Kaushik

Lahiri has taken material that is familiar, melodramatic even, yet managed to touch the heights of literary achievement by telling the story on a broad canvas. The incipient violence and disaster that creep into the lives of Hema and Kaushik when, as children, they discuss hostages held in 1970s Iran, return to haunt and, eventually, to devastate them.

Yesterday when i was about to finished this book, i was getting a call on my cell, i just picked up the call and said i m busy in something very important work can i give u call back after 10 min. Their were 3 pages left i finished book then spend almost 30 mins thinking about climax then called back that person.

A thousand splendid suns (Novel) by khalid hossini

It’s second novel, i have read of same author. Its Khalid hossini’s writing skills that impressed me a lot in ‘The Kite Runner’ i, without a doubt choose this book.Its a story of a girl (maryam), whose father didn’t married her mother but loved them so much. It tells about life in Afghanistan, struggle of a girl, different shades of a afghan woman’s life. I really liked the relationship between this girl and her father.

With each chapter, we see Maryam and Laila (maryam’s husband’s first wife) adapting in response to the events both in their personal lives as well as the society surrounding them.Their worlds suddenly collide at a time when happiness seems a bleak, distant hope for each and yet, is the only road to personal freedom. Under the reigns of the selfish Rasheed (maryam’s husband), the enemy who sees himself as a God-sent savior, these women endure extreme psychological trauma on a day-to-day basis. I was fighting back tears just imagining that this story was only a snippet of the daily lives of Afghani women, let alone women across the world. Certainly the root cause of his great success, Hosseini’s words strike home once again. We see this in the simple motherly advice given to Maryam by her mother. Nana(maryam’s father): Like a compass needle that points north, a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman. Always. ; a simple analogy that screams out the plague that is gender inequality.

Although I must admit, the story left me deeply saddened and discomforted, I’d definitely label it a must-read. Several scenes in the book may seem too heavy to digest, but they are certainly essential to the development of its characters and plot. This roller-coaster ride of lies, trauma, endurance, oppression, love in all its forms, willpower and political turmoil is truly indicative of Khalid Hosseini’s immense talent as a writer. A Thousand Splendid Suns is simply splendid.