Observing this world since 1984, its beautiful. Evening in OOTY, sunny noon in PONDY & GOA, are so beautiful, and most of these Sunrise from NANDIHILLS, its like orange color painted coin shying n waking up on the end of earth . Seen this view so many time. In few rare moments unknowingly i think why i am in this world? What i suppose to do? Aim of life? But till now no answers. just seeing others and doing the same.

Never been to bhool bhulaiya, Lucknow, even though crossed it almost once in a week in those 7 years of my life. On Lucknow ‘s road i spent my childhood.

15 Aug,04 four friends landed in Bangalore. Struggle started, and few small plants tried to spread branches horizontally and vertically in already grown forest. After all these years all are grown and I got something to share with this my very own THE WORLD, so writing here whatever i have to share with thy.

Me,  Brijesh.  World is so beautiful n too big for a life, Home is where soul feels comfortable, Life is to enjoy n spread smiles, friends are to celebrate life, Enemies are forces to improve our self, Relatives are to invite, Mind is to use in each n every act, Heart to pump blood in whole body(really!!), no Heart is to love all, GOD is to thank, Love is to Love, Hate is to burn, ME  to enjoy life, YOU to enjoy life. Please keep doing it.


1) Life’s Way: When i was not free to go anywhere (I was kid, could not walk) i saw more places than when i am free.  1997 – 2010, during this period lived in 2 cities(Lucknow, Bangalore) only and during 1984 – 1997 lived in 7 different places. It’s very strange, when i was kid whole world was mine, now i am not kid and i know my home’s address.

2) Trick to be happy: State  of mind is everything, yesterday i was sad, depressed and today happy, normal but nothing changed in these 24 hours. So better to find the ways to change the state of mind and use them whenever you feel to change it.

3) Acceptance of ourself: Right now i am in chicago, USA. Kabhi kabhi apni kismat aur life per thoda ka proud jaisa kuch feel hota hai. A question araiseing in my mind, why we have this life? but answer is nothing, so we could do this, whatever we have in our life we shouldnt lose it, and take care with whole will power whatever we have in our life. Value the things you have in life rather than missing what you don’t have.

4) Ambitions vs Happiness: Ambitions are root cause of all worries and problems in life. I realized and felt in last few years that when I had something to get I was restless in those days, when i got that i was happy and again i set something to achieve. Then again i was restless.  As i realized it, I have just avoided those ambitious thought for couple of month, I feel relax, calm and JUST HAPPY.



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