I wanted to do an experiment with google voice input, and TTS services of android, so i started working on this APP. Right now I am using multiple REST APIs  for this. features are as,Screenshot_20160127-122254

  1. It support few mode right now, on app launch say the mode name. Say ‘Exit’ to exit mode,
  2. Internet mode – say the keyword you want to look for on internet. For example, say ‘World war 1’ it will get few important information for world war 1 and  TTS will utter response,
  3. Weather mode – say Place name and it will get all current weather related information. For example, say ‘Lucknow’ you will get Lucknow’s current temp, pressure, sunrise, sunset and sky information.
  4. Phone mode – This mode it to control phone, also to get info about phone for example, say ‘bluetooth on’ on your phone bluetooth will be enabled.
  5. Say stop to stop or kill application.
  6. [WIP] News Mode – Latest NEWS about given keyword will be spoken by TTS,
  7. [WIP] Tell me a joke – A rendom joke will be spoken by TTS
  8. [WIP] Reminder mode – user will provide time-date and data to remind. Yellow mark will remind on given time.

This is initial prototype of using REST API on android platform, Right now it support almost 25 command, I will keep adding multiple features. Let me know if you have any feature to add in this APP.

New Learning

What to learn new, how to learn. I desperately need to get a new skill. It could be anything like, cooking, playing musical instrument, learning new language or anything else. I am talking about skills not hobby. Cycling, traveling are hobbies i would not learn anything achievable out of hobbies.

Have few things in mind, like

  • hardware programming via micro controllers,
  • learn to play keyboard,

Its been 12 years working like this, its not like that i haven’t tried to do something else but i haven’t left my profession to start something new. I should plan and do this.

Movie: Ijjazat

Cast: Rekha, Naseeruddin Shah and Anuradha Patel
             One day i was just doing my usual stuff on IMDB and found review of this movie, reviewers excited me about this movie, so that day evening only i saw this and felt just great. It’s a movie from one of best writer and frequent direcotor from india, he is non other than “Gulzar Sahib”. He directed few movies, Ijjazat came from him in 1987, there is something new about this movie, which now become old, and that is it’s story. In those days how many people will be know about relationship call “Living-in”, means without marriage living togather. Dialogs are poetic, songs are magical with Gulzar sahibs words and Lata ji’s sweet voice.
              Story is about a man, living with a girl (Maya) with out marreing him and one day Maya just disappered as her nature was like this. Man marries to another girl and maya returns in few months, so the emotions, comming from maya, that man and man’s wife are all about movie. One more very noticeable thing is, the way Gulzar sahib tels story, switching between past and present just great. I remember he said in an interview, “Knowing a person, without knowing his/her past is just knowing him/her half”, same thing can be seen in his movies.
                Perfect story, cast, dialogs, music and ending. If some one who loves classic drama, romance and like acting of “Nasiruddin Shah”, must watch this movie

Movie: Dead Poets Society

Cast: Robin Williams , Robert Leonard , Ethan Hawke , Josh Charles

              It’s a piece of art, which all directors and actors tries to create. This movie tells, how important a person’s dream can be for him, how a life can influence many. May be you have never heard about this movie and now if you search review of this movie on net, you will be surprised why the hell you missing it till now.
            Story is simple like, In a school where scholars get tought in traditional way and everything goes in same plan old way and one day a new teachers just appreared and showed a new way of learning things. Speaking un heard words, torn book’s pages and asking each and every one to be unique, beautiful or ugly doesn’t matter. Thats all about story but movie goes in such a way, you will think that “Let me too take my life this way”. 
            This movie is pretty old, 1989’s movie, and Bollywood movie named “Mohabbatain” is very much inspired from this. “Dead poets society”, I have seen many times, specially in winters. And always felt same magic. I should not talk much on this as you will belive me once you watch it. Go ahead for this.

The Story of my Assassins

I always reading book of experienced writers and those describes life of too many people not only centered characters of story. Tarun tejpal is one of them. I took almost one year to complete this book, reason is i paused reading for few month in last one month because my free time was consumed by some other activities. But since last one month, i am back on my regular relationship with books.
              Anyway book gave me a view and feel about society, where treating people like animal is part of business, where opting for extra marital affaires is normal as choosing tea or cold drinks, where people are ready to live on edge, people with great minds makes big bangs on masses. And apart from this book also told me lives about poorest people on this earth, those live would have been unknown to me as always if i would have missed this book.
 Like the journalist that he is, the message he wants to get through to you, needs to be read between the lines.

              On face value, his writing may hurt your sentiments and sting a bit but when you think about what he has written, you come to the sudden realisation that there is something to be learnt in here. At times, it does become a drag to read out the descriptions, but all in all, it keeps you going as there is this feeling to know more about the ‘assassins’ gnawing in your stomach. Tejpal ends the book with precision and beauty that a very few authors are able to accomplish.The book begins with a stray three-legged dog, that everybody in Tejpal’s society, tends to kick around when it comes in the way. The book ends with the same three legged dog. That stray mongrel who was being kicked around a few years ago, as it turns out, will one day end up saving his life and enable him to recite ‘The Story of his Assassins’.This book is a must read for the sake of the Indian in you.