The world is full of wonderful things and has very strong power to attract us. It is nature of these these things to attract others, in other words, these meant to attract. Someone, somewhere, sometime created and still creating these things so wisely that world has to attract to their creations, and eventually world spends time on such things without realizing that if that time one person utilize to work on his/her passion, in sometime something wonderful may come out of it. These wonderful things can be called distraction.

Lets list down such distractions,

  1. TV,
  2. Books,
  3. Music,
  4. May be, Family,
  5. May be, Office

Is not possible to remove all these things from life, but as all these things gets a fixed time, so distraction-less time period can be created. Lets choose a time-slot, which will not have any distraction and would be used to create distraction for The World.